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Haute Feature: Rio LETrent

Rio LETrent... the name is as rememberable as the man behind it!

Locally born and fashionable in attire and mood, He is sure to wow our crowd and leave you wanting for more! His keen eye for glamour and a woman's unique silhouette makes him a force to be reckoned with!

Read on to learn more about Him!

I first want to start off by saying what an honor it is to present a collection for such a wonderful cause !! It fills me with such joy to be apart of something so great .

A little about me:

I was born in Durham North Carolina, May 15 1986, and moved to Greensboro when I was 5 years old. I've been stuck here since lol .

I started drawing dresses when I was able to put crayon to paper ! It's always been a passion of mine ! I would make paper dresses and little figures when I was a kid , dreaming that one day I would be on the lifestyles of the rich and famous lol ( tells my age ) . As much as fashion and design is a passion of mine ... it once was something I was ashamed of .... I've had to overcome bullying about drawing dresses and being different. But I learned quick to not care what anyone has to say about what I want out of life !

I would say that elements of beauty and glamour are my aesthetic. I also love to change the old into new and I'm constantly learning different ways to engineer garments! I'm obsessed with the fashion of the 1950's !! They way the men and women dressed like it was somewhere to go everyday ! I love it ! I would love to bring elements of that back to the now .

The line I will be presenting will be called Floressa's Dream Closet. It's in honor of my two grandmothers' names . Both of them wore such an influence on my life and up bringing that I wanted to honor them and create a line based on the theme of socialites in the 1950's... with a twist! I asked myself what would they have worn if money was no object and life was filled with champagne and chiffon?

You'll have to wait and see! Be sure to buy your tickets and share Rio LETrent's story with your family and friends!

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