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Pearls of Hope Outreach




Pearls of Hope was founded in June, 2013, as a resource for young women throughout North Carolina to come together in service and support of the communities of which we represent. We are committed to formulating outreach opportunities for our members to pour into the lives of those around us, encouraging each other and representing our faith and friendships in hopes to motivate and mentor other women in our area. As of November, 2015, we are proud to be federally recognized as a religious Nonprofit Organization, under the 501(c)(3)!  Anyone who gives towards our organization will receive the benefit of a tax write off, under the federal regulations. We hope to not only lead as an example for women in our community, but to also impact lives, spread love and encourage people, no matter where they are in their lives.





Fashion Beyond Boarders Charity Runway Show is our continued effort to serve our friends and Missionaries in Roatan, Honduras. There are so many basic needs, such as electricity, clean water, food and school supplies that students and staff desperately need in order to serve their community. Several neighborhoods of this island were victims of drugs and sex trafficking and the schools serve not only for educational needs, but also as places of refuge for many students and their families.

It is our hope that, through this event, we can raise money to donate to those in need, both here in North Carolina, as well as in Honduras.

The ladies of Pearls of Hope Outreach

Your Support Has Produced Change!


               The Merino School, 2016                                              The Merino School, 2018


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