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Haute Feature: Silk Falsetto

Strong. It's a virtue we all hope to have: to be strong people, to have strong families to make strong differences in the world.

Designer, Dessaka Lockhart, creator of Silk Falsetto, will showcase her current collection of strength and beauty for the Charlotte community to see!

Her collection's name is More Than Conquerors. It's dedicated to the constant BATTLES we go through in life!

Orginally from Pageland, SC, she has lived in North Carolina for 10 years and has showcased in various fashionable communities in the Charlotte and surrounding areas.

"My love for different genres of music and fashion inspire me most. Sewing runs in my family and came as a natural skill. I love all fashion, but specialize in women apparel such as business attire, formal gowns, and costumes.

My family are constantly pushing me and encourage me to never give up on my dreams and to dream bigger!"

Because of these big dreams, she is confident that her collection will help in supporting the cause and dreams of others, by making a difference in her local and global community!

Thank you so much, Ms. Lockhart! Where can we shop your looks or learn more about you? @Silkfalsetto on Facebook and Instagram

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