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Haute Feature: Emerald & Onyx

The fashion industry is more than just about clothes- it's about perspective, point of view and the expression of a person's personal aesthetic. It's a beautiful thing when a designer, who started local, continues to contribute their talents to empower their local community.

Kenzlie Smith, designer is a Charlotte based designer of Emerald & Onyx. Her eye for color and whimsical flair are always a crowd pleaser and we are so excited to showcase her youthful and creative women's ware in our December 2nd show!

"A woman's body is a work of art. Our collection celebrates the strength and spirit of what it means to be a woman. Women are bold, women are strong, women are sexy and our designs are inspired to make you feel PROUD of your own skin. Take a risk. Chase your dreams. Achieve success. Emerald & Onyx will make you feel the best. Be bold. Be you. Be E&O".

Emerald & Onyx is a luxury clothing brand born & raised in Charlotte, NC. This brand empowers woman to feel sexy in their own skin.

Make sure you purchase your tickets and follow E&O on IG:

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