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KoKo Nanga

Culture is the complexities of life that makes us who we are and compels us to be who we will become. Koko Nanga, a designer of African influence, is the type of fashion enthusiast who creates innovative pieces from African inspired designs, that counter culture and speaks to the individual.

Koko Nanga was founded with a goal to change the way we see the African cloth. An entrepreneur and a philanthropist, she was one of the co-founders of the fashion brand Cote Minou and is now an independent fashion designer. Her

brand primarily uses the print fabric commonly known around the world as “Ankara” to create afro-chic designs with a modern flair.

We are very excited to have her participation and we anticipate an eclectic show featuring her inspiring designs and culturally compelling pieces!

Would you like to represent the birthplace of fashion while looking unique and effortless? Then step into the world of Koko Nanga and be captivated. There is surely an outfit in line for you. Designs range from casual and cocktail looks, to evening and party dresses.

Be Chic. Fab. You!

Instagram/Twitter: @KokoNanga

Facebook: /KokoNangaOfficial

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