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In The "Loop"!

It's not every day you come across a company who is just as passionate in supporting the community as they are in the community supporting them.

The Loop Magazine, one of Charlotte's hottest Fashion Magazines, has covered the best of the best when it comes to style, art and entertainment finds in the city!

Formed to attract, project, and acknowledge the creative minds of their viewers, The Loop Mag aims to satisfy readers who expect the farthest from daily reality. Streaming the freshest Hot Topics, Most Daring Fashion Statements, Timeless Art Displays, and Dining to die for.

"We've been around for 3 years and are growing as a company. But we want to be sure we are involved in growing our community, as well" says Kyron, Creative Director of the mag.

This statement is truly evident in all the fashionably fabulous work they produce! From Charlotte Fashion runways, to local artists and Coca Cola, The Loop will keep you in the loop with all that Charlotte has to offer!

We are delighted and so excited to be in the number of interests that this amazing publication will cover this year! Be sure to buy your ticket to meet their team and support them, as they support our efforts for fashion with a purpose!


To learn more about The Loop Magazine, please visit them at


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