Haute Feature: Tygerian Lace

In the constantly growing landscape of fashion, it's a breath of chic air to find a designer who's sense of individuality doesn't compete with her eye for every woman! Meet Tygerian Lace Burke! She is the Founder and Creative Director behind Tygerian Lace and one of the very talented designers who will be showcasing her creativity at Fashion Beyond Borders this year! At an early age, she developed an eager interest in fashion design and took notice on the impact that well-made fashion made on a women’s attitude.

Meet Tygerian Lace Burke!

Where you originally from?

Fort Washington, Maryland

How long have you lived in North Carolina?

4 yrs

What/who inspired you to become a designer?

My Grandmother & Mother, growing up I idolized their style. They wore pantyhose and slips every day. Their Blazers were fully lined, pencil skirts had fine details with slim waistbands, silk blouses had beautiful pearl buttons and my mother would finish off her look with a nice pair of stilettos. They were sexy, sophisticated and a timeless figures of a strong woman. Their garments said so much without them having to say a word.

What is your aesthetic and what type of person do you design for?

Classic Silhouettes indulging in timeless embellishments made for the timeless woman

What/who has been your motivation?

God and Family continue to be my support as my desire for design intensifies. I am motivated through everyday interactions with architecture, food, family, the arts, music and philanthropy.

Do you have any professional publications?

Trendsetter to Trendsetter

Charlotte Girl Magazine

The Face Magazine

Why did you decide to participate in FBB?

Success is determined by our ability to lift up others. Philanthropy is a large part of who I am as a person. Spiritually, giving back is part-of human nature / actions and for fluid growth it is a necessity that we do so.

Where can we shop your looks or learn more about you?


Summerbird Boutique

*Be sure to support this talented designer by purchasing your tickets for Fashion Beyond Borders!!!

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