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Amani and Mary

Part of community collaboration is providing opportunities for others to get their voices heard and their products shared! Amani Dooley-Wilkes, a professional corporate shoe buyer by day and a Black Girls Run member during her free time, has just recently ventured into the cosmetology world of selling Mary Kay products!

Mary Kay Inc. is an American privately owned multi-level marketing/direct sales company that sells cosmetics products to enhance the inner beauty of both women and men. Mary Kay has been a feature company of Fashion forward programs, such as Project Runway and Project Runway, Jr.

"I chose Mary Kay to represent a God first brand that is invested in enriching the lives of others, both inside and out. Fashion Beyond Borders provides me to share in the opportunity to support educational needs and continue my investment in others".

Durring FBB, Amani will have displays of her gift wrapping talents, products to try and choose from and a sweet smile on her face! She offers free gift wrapping and delivery services, as well! Her table could be your one-stop-shop for Christmas gifts this year!

To contact her, please visit

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