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Fashion for a Cause!

In a "self-made", "self-satisfied" world, it is always a breath of fresh air to cross paths with people who are not just philanthropic in word, but also in deed. Anthony Simons, Executive Director of Plitzs Fashion Marketing- Charlotte, was born and raised in New York City. He developed a passion for helping emerging designers navigate their way into the "invitation only" Fashion scene. To him, Fashion is not just an exclusive club, it is an outlet for passionate expression and a resource to raise awareness for many areas of community and social importance.

Anthony is also behind the establishment of the original and annually anticipated Charlotte International Fashion Week! In addition, he and his company, PLITZS Fashion Marketing, have created several professional Fashion showcase platforms, such as Plitzs New York Fashion Week- China, The Emerging Model of the Year Competition, Kids Fashion Democracy, as well as producing fashion events abroad in countries like Jamaica in order to provide emerging designers and models the opportunity to showcase their work abroad.

Since his launch of Charlotte International Fashion Week, in 2008, dozens upon dozens of models, designers, makeup artists, photographers and hair stylists have seen continued success in their respective career paths. Mr. Simon's work has truly spoken for itself and has resulted in creating opportunities for a unique audience of fashion consumers and fashion enthusiasts to enjoy and experience quality and flair!

Pearls of Hope Outreach is so thankful to have Mr. Simons'

on board as our official supporter, sponsor and director for Fashion Beyond Borders! His help and leadership has been paramount throughout this process and experience, and we are confident that his guidance will provide great success; not just for the show, but for the children in Honduras, whom all proceeds will be raised for!

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