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DJ Hugo

There is no other man-made medium that can impact the human soul like music. It is an inspiration, an emotional pull and a call to exist beyond one's current situation. So, for an event that aspires to bring the community together, it was only fitting to incorporate a DJ that not only had the talent, but also had the heart to produce sounds that will move our audience and inspire our hearts!

Born and bred in his hometown of Charlotte, NC, Omar Crenshaw aka "DJ Hugo", grew up under the influence of music! He and His wife are true music connoisseurs, enjoying local scenes and national hot spots! Operating as a Student Life Coordinator at CPCC by day, his true passion is iParty DJ's; a company that he and his brother began, together, in 2013.

iParty DJ’s is a business inspired by all genres of music that meet the needs of their clients. From, Hip-Hop, R&B, Top 40, Rock, Country to Pop... whatever the client needs!

" At first I was hesitant, to begin DJing, but once my brother and I began collecting equipment and seeking out gigs, iParty DJ’s emerged".

As an entrepreneur, DJ Hugo aspires to focus on the expansion of services and mentorship in order to enhance the abilities of local talents, while also offering them the chance to financially benefit from their God-given gifts.

His success includes mixing at the CPCC Sensoria Literary Arts Festival, Literacy in Lights: a Celebration of Literacy, Hip Hop University, Hip Hop Tech Symposium, Weddings, Festivals, Family Functions, Birthday Parties, Galas, and more!

Out of all of his personal and professional successes, including earning a Master's Degree from Appalachian State in Marriage and Family Counseling, DJ Hugo desires to network and connect himself positive impacts in the world by participating in something that is greater than himself.

"Begin apart of Fashion Beyond Borders gives me the opportunity to network with a diverse group of likeminded individuals that are positive and focused on giving back. I admire people with a healthy social consciousness and I'd like to see the Pearls of Hope organization continue to grow and impact the local community as well as the world with their positive message. The world needs more people focused on brining positive energy and the more positivity we have, the faster we can heal from the damage of the world."

In addition to his musical skills and professional success, DJ Hugo and iParty Dj's are striving to create a business where they can have a large impact in the local, national, and international community in the form of providing services that create jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities to minorities and other disadvantaged groups. In addition, they hope to focus more on retention of local talent, so that the city of Charlotte, specifically, and state can take advantage of the best and brightest minds in the NC area.

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