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When you think of Hawaii, what normally comes to mind are palm trees swaying and exotic waters to splash in. It's not likely, however that someone would think of paper, as one of this islands' creative resources, yet Lakiesah Nicole a resident of Honolulu, spends her free time in creativity, constructing detailed stationary for many people to enjoy!

Lakiesha Nicole, a native of North Carolina, is a newly graduate interior designer from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She also holds a degree in visual arts & design from North Carolina A & T State University. She is the owner of LW Designs, based in Honolulu, HI and utilizes her talents and skills to aid others in celebrating their most important events! Lakiesha's love for design began at an early age of four where she began painting and drawing to express her perspective on life. She found herself inspired and fascinated by the world of fine arts and interior design. Being able to transform the world around her through art and designs by mixing bold and unique patterns together to make lasting impressions, LW Designs was founded to create unique expressions for clients to represent who they are and how they want to present themselves to the world.

"My desire is to support others in nonverbal ways. Actions speak louder than words and art is a universal language".

LW designs decided to take this wonderful opportunity to team up with Pearls of Hope Outreach to provide graphics for their ideas and values to help people around the world. Fashion Beyond Borders spoke to the heart and soul of the mission that LW Designs holds regarding making positive differences in the world. She believes that all people should be provided the opportunity for great design no matter the circumstance and with her talent and rare qualities of creativity, this artist is more than a business woman..she is a woman of purpose for global impacts and personal confidence!


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