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It's not everyday that you meet people who have dreams as big for other people as they do for themselves! Elizabeth McHenry, founder and owner of ERMC hair styling, is one of those people whose heart is too big to contain inside! Her love for people pours out in creative ways, producing looks that not only make a change in a persons appearance, but also in their self confidence and esteem! Art has always been a consistent passion in her life.

"To show off the 'art' of hair, is what makes my heart happy. Creativity at times I think is the only side of the brain I can think on. Hair is a canvas to me.I love the simple everyday look, to going runwatchable. Also, the thought of bringing out someone's 'beautiful,' especially when they don't see it in themselves, makes my job all the more rewarding".

Elizabeth, now a charlotte resident for 8 years, was born and raised in Garner, NC. She studied cosmetology at AVEDA Institute of Chapel Hill and now owns a successful business in Uptown Charlotte at the Tower Hair Salon. Her family has been her inspiration, as they have supported her and encouraged her along her way.

"I have such a vision for myself and my career, my family has always believed in me...they are my rock and my biggest advocates".

In addition to her family and her personal motivation, mentors like the Babson's of Mirage Salon, Sam Villa and her good friend, Eric Cheek, have all made lasting impacts on her gift of styling and her heart for helping and giving back towards others.

"They helped me gain confidence in my career. They taught me to dream and spread my wings. All while keeping a relationship with God, and even though I was already raised as a God loving, family oriented person, they even further instilled how important family really is! There are so many other Barbers and Hairstylists I could speak about and give so much praise too. And to only think of what the future holds for more influential people in my life!".

We are so honored to have the support and talented contributions of EMRC for Fashion Beyond Borders. It takes a loving spirit and a heart that dreams big in order for someone to be compelled to help others whom they have never met for a cause that they might never experience for themselves. Empathy, compassion, drive and the desire for change is what is neccessary for any of us to make a difference; not just for the sake of appearances, but for true change that will last a life time!

"The more knowledge we can provide to our future kids, the better. To give them opportunity they may have never thought possible, is just beautiful! I want to be apart of these efforts because I want to make a difference".

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