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Model Call Success!

Last Saturday, in Charlotte, and Sunday, in Greensboro, the ladies of Pearls of Hope Outreach met with many models around the North Carolina area, who came out in efforts to support our cause for students in Honduras. 50 models of all ethnicities and degrees of fashion experience walked the runway, in hopes of being selected to represent Fashion Beyond Borders! It was an exciting atmosphere and we are so thankful to everyone who attended!

"I'm here because I want to make a difference in the world. I'm not just a model, I'm a person and I want others to know that it doesn't matter how you look or where you come from. Everybody is special and I want to share that message in any way that I can", says one model who came out in Charlotte.

Anthony Simons of Plitzs Fashion Marketing, Erin L. Hubbs, photographer of Charlotte Style Magazine, as well as Olivia Pires, Franklin Terry and Katrina Chief, local models from the area, also came to give their support of this show! It was a beautiful experience and only marks the progression of this beautiful event!

If you are a model and missed the casting, but would like to submit, it's not too late! Pleas shoot us an email by October 14 for more information!

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